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November 10, 2015

Unlikely Teachers and Hidden Gifts

Unlikely Teachers and Hidden Gifts

November is an inspirational month. I find the cultivation of gratitude a powerful path to centered presence and to finding the gift in every moment. Thanks-giving permeates my thoughts. And there is so much to notice. 

  • New England's autumn transformation 
  • Colorful, falling leaves
  • Crisp, clear air
  • Time to renew and refresh
  • Food, family, friends and fun
  • And so much more...

What are you grateful for today?

There are also "hidden gifts" in November, and "unlikely teachers."

Researchers are proving daily what we already know through experience--that how we think about our life defines it--and us. We see what we look for. 

The way we walk into a room changes that room and influences the people in it, including ourselves.

Be grateful today. Find one thing right now that you're thankful for. Keep building your list. Make it a habit. 

My personal gift to you this holiday season is my most recent CD--This Little Light: The Gift of Christmas. Order any of my products between now and Dec. 11, and receive This Little Light as my gift.

Good ki! and Happy Thanksgiving!

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