About Judy Ringer

How might I harness the energy of conflict instead of resisting it?
Where do I find the courage and skill to hold difficult conversations?
Is it possible to change lifelong habits that are no longer useful?

Hi! I’m Judy Ringer, the author of this site.

As a writer, speaker, and trainer for 30 years, I’ve supported organizations and individuals with conflict and communication skills, utilizing the principles of the martial art Aikido in “off the mat” business and leadership settings. 

My journey of personal learning and instruction is contained in the resources on this site.

I am currently offering workshops and coaching on a limited basis. This site’s focus is on the booksarticles, and hundreds of blog posts I’ve written over the years.

Each page also offers supportive questions and suggestions that will ask you to:

  • be curious.
  • challenge yourself.
  • practice!
  • and have fun learning.

You will read that there is energy in the difficult.

While this may sound counter-intuitive, try to notice what you’ve learned from the difficult situations in your life. The stories on this site will help. They’ll tell you to ask yourself questions like:

  • What can I learn here?
  • Where’s the struggle? 
  • What do I really want for myself? For others?
  • What purpose will this conversation serve?
  • Where does my power really lie?
  • How can I alter my relationship to this conflict?
  • What does it mean to be centered? How do I know if I’m there?

I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for here to support your ongoing exploration of conflict and living a life of power and presence.

One of my core beliefs is that you already know the answers. You are the expert in your life, and if you take time to center and tune in to your best self and listen to others with deep curiosity, you will find your way.

There are many amazing helpers out there.

The following are other professional coaches, corporate and business training companies, and leadership development experts I’ve worked with for many years. I’m confident that if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, these folks will fully support you and/or your organization.

My exploration of conflict began in the mid-1980’s with the martial art Aikido.

Aikido became a metaphor and method for transforming conflict, and for managing the challenging people, hardships, and opportunities that have come my way.

Power & Presence Training was officially launched in 1993, so that I could continue to practice and share Aikido concepts through teaching, writing, and coaching.

Over these past decades, I achieved my third-degree black belt in Aikido, and am currently on the Board of the dojo I founded in 1995, Portsmouth Aikido.

For starting me on this path…

I am indebted to Thomas Crum, a generous teacher, friend, and colleague. I’m also grateful to teachers Wendy Palmer, George Leonard, Sensei Mitsunari Kanai, and Aikido partners around the globe.

I’ve studied and learned from authors Sheila Heen, Doug Stone, Bruce Patton, Margaret Wheatley, Daniel Goleman, William Ury, Adam Kahane, Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres, Arnold and Amy Mindell, Joy Jacobs, the Harvard/MIT Program on Negotiation, and many others.

The wisdom I’ve gained from these teachers and senseis, and the insights gained from giving and receiving energy with thousands of willing, curious, and knowledgeable seekers such as yourself, currently resides here on the Power & Presence Website.

The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, is quoted as having said:

Always practice the art of peace in a vibrant and joyful manner.”

I’m grateful to have learned this practice. May it be so for you, too!

Wishing you good ki, always,