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April 23, 2019

Teaching the Power of Purpose: Aikido's Unbendable Arm

Teaching the Power of Purpose: Aikido's Unbendable Arm

True Power is energy flowing freely toward a purpose. 
~Thomas Crum

In this last video of the five-part series about my new book, Turn Enemies Into Allies: The Art of Peace in the Workplace, I demonstrate how easy life can be when we're clear about what we want for ourselves and our relationships. This feeling of flow, ease, and connection is demonstrated through The Unbendable Arm, a physical experience of the power of a clear purpose. 

Like many aikido principles, techniques, and experiential teaching methods, I first came to know and understand The Unbendable Arm from my mentor and friend, Thomas Crum--aikidoist, author, and presenter on conflict and peak performance.

When he first asked the group I was in to practice this concept, it was an awakening. I remember having the thought--and the experiential understanding--that life could be a lot easier than I was making it. The Arm has become my metaphor for living powerfully, communicating with purpose, and expressing emotions with the intention to connect rather than harm.

Because of Tom, I also teach, coach and write about conflict and communication skills, using aikido, the martial art that informs my work and makes it fun and different.

When you read Turn Enemies Into Allies, you'll find specific ways to apply "The Power of Purpose" in your life, and directions on how to share the concept with employees, friends, and family. In this fifth video, you can watch as my partner, Raya Al-Hashmi, and I demonstrate The Unbendable Arm.

You can apply it now by thinking of a time when you managed a chaotic situation with ease, or when you clearly stated a difficult message. Or when, because you were calm and centered, a conflict turned into a gift.

This is the message of The Unbendable Arm. When you know what you’re going for, everything is easier, and challenges become opportunities instead of roadblocks. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed watching each of the five videos. My friends, Raya Al-Hashmi of RayaOnAssignment and Miles Woodworth of SeacoastFlash, and I had fun making them.

Turn Enemies Into Allies is fun, too, and practical. My purpose in writing it was clear from the start – to give you a step-by-step guide to coach your people back to a powerful and engaged working relationship. It works at home, too!

If you missed any of the previous videos, you can find them on my YouTube Channel.

You’ll also find excerpts from Turn Enemies Into Allies on my website—

Meanwhile, enjoy this moment. And have a wonderful day!

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