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March 26, 2019

Resolving Coworker Conflict: Bringing the Parties Together

Resolving Coworker Conflict: Bringing the Parties Together

"When co-workers can't get along, what are some ways to bring them together to resolve the problem?"  -- a common question from the managers and leaders I work with.

In this third video of the five-part series about my new book, Turn Enemies Into Allies: The Art of Peace in the Workplace, I introduce "Phase 3—Redirecting", or how to bring the parties together. Phase 3 of the book offers ways to begin the joint sessions, the purpose, possible agenda, and how to keep them moving in the right direction.

In Phase 2--Entering and Blending, the book emphasizes the wisdom of working with each party individually first for one or more sessions, in order to hear them out, defuse the conflict, and teach skills, so that in the joint sessions, they're able to talk about what they’ve learned, plan for the future, and devise ways to keep the conflict from recurring. The book also offers questions, ideas, and strategies to redirect any remaining challenges.

Improve Coworker Relationships

Conflict in the workplace is stressful for everyone, those directly involved and those on the periphery. When you have two valued employees who can't resolve their issues, productivity and morale decrease quickly. As a manager, supervisor or leader, it's your job to address these issues in a timely way, and with skill and openness to positive outcomes.

Turn Enemies Into Allies offers a model in four phases that anyone caught in the middle of coworker conflict can use. It's a "how to" manual to improve coworker relationships by guiding employees through difficult conversations and helping them to recognize the good in each other. And, by extension, to create a workplace that is peaceful and cooperative. 

The book's Introduction and a sample chapter are available now on my website. Turn Enemies Into Allies will be released May 1, wherever books are sold, and it's available for pre-sale now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound.

As a Ki Moments subscriber, you'll see the videos before anyone else. They're between two and five minutes each, and they describe the four phases of the book:

  1. Bowing In
  2. Entering and Blending
  3. Redirecting
  4. Bowing Out

Watch Video 3 (Redirecting) by clicking here.

If you missed Videos 1 and 2:

  • Watch Video 1 by clicking here.
  • Watch Video 2 by clicking here.

As each video in the series becomes available, I'll write a new post and send a new link. Please write any thoughts below or on YouTube. And in the meantime, make this moment a ki moment!

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