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August 28, 2018

Food For Thought: Elevating the Culinary Experience

Food For Thought: Elevating the Culinary Experience

I'm happy to tell you about a new book written by my sister, Deborah Rodin. Deb lives in Indianapolis and is an extraordinary combination of professional violinist, gourmet cook, gardener, and--most recently--writer and author. Her book is Food For Thought: Elevating the Culinary Experience.

The reasons I like the book are many. I love my sister, for starters, and the various Food-For-Thoughtexpressions of her creativity, passion, and love. Whether she's playing a Mozart sonata or preparing a Walnut Cake with Honey Cream Cheese Icing, she's connected to a source greater than herself. She writes about that connection in Food For Thought, while offering the reader appetizing recipes for dishes she created in her Indianapolis kitchen. The photography by Randy Baughn will make your mouth water.

For me, the similarities between my work in the world and Deb’s is that we both seek to offer our listeners, readers, and those we work with a sense of hope, meaning, positivity, and connection to something greater than the large and small challenges we face every day. The offerings appear--as they do for all of us--in different expressions, such as music, food preparation, gardening, coaching, writing, and just being who we are in the world.

Deborah Rodin has a connection to God that she expresses in all she does. As she writes in the Introduction to Food For Thought:

The word of God is powerful. When it becomes part of our daily activities, a transformation takes place....

As a spiritually hungry generation, we are looking for something substantial: a hearty meal that will sustain us through the burdens of the day, or a gourmet delight that evokes awe and wonder in our Creator...

In Food For Thought, Deb correlates her recipes and personal stories with Biblical scripture, and appliesSweets-Food-For-Thought the metaphors to daily life--the unity of a swirling cloud of birds, the congruence of a group of believers, the recipe for Cocoa Swirl Cheesecake! The miraculous variety and design of seed types with Date Nut Seed Treats and Cranberry Pistachio Cookies!

Chapter headings like: Humility, Sanctification, Faith, Persistence, and Abiding echo the peace and equanimity you feel reading the stories and preparing recipes like Upside-down Fig Cake. And passages like the following remind me of my own stories about being mindful in how we create our lives moment to moment.

It may be a wrong mindset or attitude that holds us captive. We may be dragging a weight of resentment, fear, hopelessness, or shame....  We can expect God to turn our situation around (and upside down!).

Like the cake!

Whether you're a follower of the Christian faith, a lover of beautifully crafted stories, or just looking for some tasty new recipes, Food For Thought will likely feed your spirit. You can find it on Amazon, at her publisher's site (Dorrance), or on my Website store. If you purchase through, your copy will arrive signed by the author and wrapped in a handsome kitchen towel.

Food For Thought is a beautiful book. Deborah put her heart and soul into its creation. Whether it's for you or not, I hope you enjoy this ki moment, and spend some time today nurturing and expressing your passion, offering hope, meaning, positivity, and connection wherever you go.

Good ki!

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