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March 1, 2006

Ki Moments March 2006

Ki Moments March 2006


Night and Day

"There's nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so."
- William Shakespeare

The title of this great Cole Porter song - Night and Day - also describes the sometimes changeable nature of my outlook on life.


It is late evening, and I'm thinking about all I have to accomplish in the week ahead - book publishing details, workshop preparation, handouts to finish, that audiotape script I want to write, a call to my sister, plane reservations to Chicago, and so on, not to mention the minutiae of phone calls, email, internet searches, and follow up associated with each project. I feel overwhelmed, tired, self-absorbed, and incapacitated.

Next morning:

I awake before dawn and do some deep breathing. I meditate, watch the sun rise, and eagerly anticipate the day. Today, I will learn the ship date for my book, have the opportunity to create a new piece of writing, plan a workshop, and maybe take a walk and enjoy some fresh air.

The same circumstances that seemed daunting, scary, and impossible to manage the night before appear filled with potential this morning. I am doomed - I am lucky. I'll get sick - I feel great! I will certainly fail - My day is filled with promise.

My husband Jim and I call these "Night and Day" viewpoints the Good Reality and the Bad Reality. I would rather be in the Good Reality - positive, pleasant, and full of possibility. The sun is shining, birds singing, and life is easy, flowing and fun. Problems exist, but I can handle them. My energy is strong and resilient.

But sometimes I drop into the Bad Reality, where life is difficult, depressing, and stressful. I feel weighed down, inadequate, and powerless. I can't find my energy or my spirit.

Is it a choice?

I think it is. Something is happening out there, and my viewing lens changes my experience. My thinking makes it so.

Sometimes I can get there on my own steam. I just change my mind, or laugh at myself, or both. When I'm too tired to find the road back, I rest or take myself out for a cup of tea. When I am kind to myself, the Good Reality always returns.

And so I experiment with the Reality channel and how the external world changes with my viewing lens. Shall I live in the Good or Bad Reality today? How about you? Which one are you in now? Can you cross over?

I would love to hear from you on these questions. The capacity to believe that by changing my thinking I can change my reality is a gift. I know this. Partly, my life is about sharing this gift.

I hope you're in the Good Reality today.

Happy Spring!

Email Judy about your experiences with channel changing.

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