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Food for Thought
Elevating the Culinary Experience
by Deborah Rodin

Do you remember Jeremiah's visit to the potter's house and the vital message he received? Its something to ponder as you prepare a Mediterranean-style fish baked in a clay pot. Or imagine wrapping your faith around a promise from God as you create a sausage encased in a delectable golden brioche crust.  

Deborah Rodin lovingly shares her journey with God through scripture, story, and mouth-watering recipes she's created, tested, and enjoyed with family and friends. A professional musician, recording artist, writer and gourmet, Deborah thinks and writes in the language of metaphor.

Having been a member of the Italian National Radio Orchestra of Turin, she experienced the fine Piemontese cuisine. This encouraged her to create her own recipes with a European flair.

The photos alone of her many culinary creations will captivate you. And there is so very much more. 

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