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March 24, 2020

Not Cancelled: Love

Not Cancelled: Love

It's good to do uncomfortable things. It's weight training for life.

--Anne Lamott

Things have changed. The world is not the way it was a month ago. 

  • The pool is closed, swim teams canceled, my daily swim on hold.
  • Aikido classes canceled.
  • Public Library closed.
  • Workshops canceled.
  • Church canceled.
  • Grocery store shelves with holes where canned goods and paper products used to be.
  • Many losing jobs and worried about the next meal.

And yet....

  • Calls with my family have increased, all of us making sure we're healthy and that Mom is safe.
  • My daily routine is more relaxed, less stressed.
  • I'm learning to work virtually and be more creative.
  • Taking long walks, hikes, and rambles in the warming weather, I see strangers smiling and waving at me.
  • Families are playing outside together.
  • Restaurants, businesses and residents are pitching in to help neighbors and others who need food and assistance.
  • My pile of "someday" books is dwindling.
  • Quiet time--yes!
  • My suitcase is unpacked!
  • Church is on Facebook Live!

An inspiring graphic from Unsinkable appeared by way of my sister, Paula, on Facebook last week.

It made my day and changed my thinking. And I would add:

LOVE Not Canceled

I see it everywhere -- in the streets, people smiling and waving hello. In the grocery store, customers offering their place in line. With my friends and family, in our voices and our offerings of support. In the outpouring of generosity to those in need.

JOY Not Canceled

On St. Patrick's Day, my 94-year-old mom gave us all an amazing gift. The Executive Director of the supportive living facility where Mom lives teamed up with Mom to sing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling", and sent us a video. Check it out -- Joy personified.


I'm learning and teaching virtually in ways I never would have thought possible. Organizations are canceling in-person events, yes, but staying connected in ways I think we will see are positive and want to continue even when we're able to meet again in person.

In the Time of Corona

Perhaps like you, I've been focusing lately on what's canceled, closed, ominous, and not right with the world. The Unsinkable graphic helped me recalibrate and regain perspective. This, too, shall pass, and perhaps we will gain something in the passing.

Creating Perspective

I'll do whatever I can to promote perspective and optimism while we're all learning to do life a little differently. Watch for links in future posts that are brief and hopeful.  Today, you might enjoy:

Good ki!

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