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May 10, 2010

Happy Dollars Responses

"Happy Dollar" Responses

My Happy Dollars article got so many responses last month, I thought I'd post a few here!

What a great idea - Happy Dollar!!! I like it.
I might include this in my classes this Fall!!!
I can start a collection that will be donated to a charity at the end of the semester -- YES!!!

-- Susan Losapio
Assistant Professor, Organizational Leadership
Southern NH University

Great article Judy! I am so blessed today ... many things all going great.

Karen Valencic
Founder, Spiral Impact

Thank you for sharing the "Happy Dollar Moments." I think this is a great tradition to keep and one to start. These moments can make a person think what blessings one has and to share these blessings. Just getting up in the morning when I hear the birds sing is a blessing, because someone did not awake this morning.

Have a wonderful day and continue to send out the good news.
Your friend in the Ki moments.

Retha Anderson

Thanks, Judy. I love these!

I thought it particularly perceptive that you suggest we sometimes think of happy people as phony, pretentious, or possibly lacking intelligence. I actually had a conversation with a friend recently about a trip to my sister's home in Kentucky. I was remarking about how much I enjoy the formality: Hello sir, yes ma'am, etc. He was appalled because it is his perception that the politeness is a sham!

Where do these beliefs come from? Why can I not choose to be polite even when I'm not feeling it? Is politeness invalidated by my emotions, or can it be a valid offering of kindness in its own right apart from my emotions?

Thanks again. I loved it!

Aaron Odom
Maine Medical Center

Once again, I can say today I'm grateful to get your Ki Moments Newsletter!

THANK YOU, Judy! And you put it so well -- the whole concept around expressing or showing your joy.

Wishing you many happy moments and days,

Joan Goeckel

Radical appreciation sounds just fine by me!

Betsy Tabor, Writer

I love it when you include a song in your newsletter. As I sit here listening to "Sunny Side of the Street", one of my favorites, and on this gorgeous, sunny day, I can "hear" your beautiful, warm smile as you sing.

My kids have been hit by lice for the second time since December, which is soooo frustrating and I've been very wrapped up in all of the cleaning, picking, vacuuming, laundry etc. that goes with the early days of it.

As usual, the topic for the newsletter was quite perfect for the place I was in, reminding me that in the grand scheme of things, the insignificance of lice match their miniscule size!

Have a lovely day, and thanks for the reminder that I have a lot to be happy about.

--Maria Sillari
Portsmouth, NH

Love the newsletter! My sister is one of those Happy People that we tend to think is nuts. I sent her the newsletter to show her she's okay and it is the rest of us that needs to re-think our attitude. :-)

She's going to love you forever!

Tracie Shroyer
Virtual Assistant

Thank you for another insightful and thought provoking Ki Moment, Judy. I look forward to hearing how your Rotary experiment goes ... but I also am feeling that there is bravery in being publicly sad ... and our society needs to do more to honor our sad moments ... we're so quick to talk about all of the happy stuff and expect people to ignore the difficult times...oh 2 cents for where I am in life ...

i hope you are well and enjoying every moment with your mom,

Alison Pyott
Certified Financial Planner TM, Veris Wealth Partners

(Editor's Note) Thanks, Alison. It takes courage to be publicly sad and, I will add, to be publicly honest with any of our emotions. It takes a strong center. More to come on this topic!

The whole email made me smile, and especially your song! Thanks!

Helen Berube

Thank you Judy - this is genius to highlight the public happiness! What a great idea!

Blessings to you.

Karen Walch
Associate Professor
Thunderbird School of Global Management

Everyone loves the "Judy Challenge" ...great job!!!!!

Diane Foley
Vice President, Portsmouth Rotary
Associate Broker, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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