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Turn Enemies into Allies
The Art of Peace in the Workplace
by Judy Ringer

Turn Enemies Into Allies provides a way of working with clashing employees that is deliberate and systematic, informed by Judy Ringer's expertise in conflict and communication skills and a decades-long practice in mind-body principles from the martial art Aikido..

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In today’s workplace, where time is a precious commodity, managers and leaders often believe they don’t have the time to help employees navigate conflict. More often than not, however, it takes more time not to address conflict than to constructively intervene. But before managers can successfully guide others in managing disagreements, they must be able to manage their own mindset and behaviors through centered presence, clarity of purpose, and skilled communication.

GetAbstract, the world’s largest library of business book summaries, gives Turn Enemies into Allies a rating of 9 out of 10 and has nominated it for their 2019 International Book Award. See their abstract.

Turn Enemies Into Allies presents a coaching intervention process for employees in conflict—a four-phase guide for managers, HR professionals, school administrators, and other leaders to coach conflicting employees back to a professional, effective working relationship, while simultaneously changing their lives for the better.

Specifically, the reader can expect to:

  • Acquire the skill and confidence to help employees in conflict get back to a balanced and professional working relationship.
  • Restore control and peace of mind when conflict occurs.
  • Encourage leadership through conflict competence.


Ringer’s blend of conflict resolution approaches with aikido practices enriches and deepens our understanding of human interaction.

Sheila Heen
Sheila Heen

Bestselling coauthor of Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most and Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well

An essential addition to the conflict resolution toolkit.

Marshall Goldsmith
Marshall Goldsmith

New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Judy is a master at helping people to transform conflict into powerful relationships.

Thomas Crum
Thomas Crum

Author of Three Deep Breaths, Journey to Center, and The Magic of Conflict

Clear-cut advice on how to handle workplace conflict from a place of positive energy. 

Daniel H. Pink
Daniel H. Pink

Author of To Sell is Human and Drive

Workplaces are designed for conflict…. This book provides practical and easily implemented ways to allow these conflicts to be productive and relationship building.

Peter Block
Peter Block

Author of Flawless Consulting, Stewardship, and Community

Judy has laid out the coaching process in clear, concise and accessible steps, “… teaching skills that will support the parties ever after in all areas of life.” A great contribution.

Wendy Palmer
Wendy Palmer

Author of Leadership Embodiment

When two people don’t get along, you can’t just put them into a room and hope for the best….  Judy’s work provides solid recommendations, practical advice, and methods to address conflict … and help rid organizations of behavior that can harm or destroy relationships.

Connie Roy-Czyzowski, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CCP
Connie Roy-Czyzowski, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CCP

Vice President Human Resources, Northeast Delta Dental

Imagine being fearless when conflict arises, and having the tools and confidence you need to address, manage, and guide your team toward peace and organizational health.

Fran Liautaud
Fran Liautaud

Organizational Development & Training Manager

A powerful guide to proactively deal with conflict in the workplace.

Susan Losapio, PhD
Susan Losapio, PhD

Professor Southern New Hampshire University School of Business

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Unlikely Teachers
Finding the Hidden Gifts in Daily Conflict
by Judy Ringer

Your struggle with life's challenges can change in an instant.

Unlikely Teachers is a practical tool to help you generate more power, presence, and flow in your relationships and your life.

Much more than a "how-to" book on conflict management, Unlikely Teachers offers personal stories, concrete practices, and real life examples on how to manage something more important—yourself. It will serve you well as a stand-alone resource, and is extremely useful as pre- and post-workshop support.

Transforming Conflict

As a writer, speaker, and martial artist, I teach internationally on how to convert difficult challenges into useful energy. I created Unlikely Teachers so that anyone can have this teaching at any time. Each story applies Aikido principles to real life conflict—arguments, workplace irritations, relationship difficulties—the unexpected and unwanted events that life throws our way.

The book's primary message: You have more power than you think.

  • Improve business relationships.
  • Reduce stress at home.
  • Increase self-awareness and confidence.
  • Direct the energy of conflict instead of reacting to it.

Begin now to find the hidden gifts in your daily conflicts.

Table of Contents

Whether on the mat or off, I see the process of conflict similarly. We start by resisting. It just happens. If we're aware enough to change, we connect with the conflict, practice, make discoveries, learn about power, and eventually (if we stay with it), we begin to see the conflict as a teacher.

The six chapters of Unlikely Teachers, like the six stages of conflict, are interrelated and correlate with how we encounter, manage, and resolve the conflict. Each story is complete with its own practice and related examples.

You're welcome to download and print the underlined stories. I ask only that you keep the article intact and use the "about the author" information at the end of each piece. Thank you!


ix Foreword by Thomas Crum

xi Preface: On This Planet

3 Introduction: Hidden Gifts

Part One: Resistance

13 Choosing My Self

19 Listening When It’s Not Easy

26 Unwanted Guests

Part Two: Connection

35 Becoming Each Other

41 Relax!

46 Turn Signals and Enlightenment

Part Three: Practice

53 Getting on the Mat

62 Keeping Conflict in Perspective
69 Ah, Yes … Another Sporting Event

Part Four: Discovery

77 Life Is What You Make It
82 Discovery on an Icy Bridge

90 Many Lessons

Part Five: Power

97 Beacon Street

103 Wearing the Hakama: Lessons in Leadership

108 What Is This Thing Called Ki?

117 Inventing Your Life

Part Six: Teachers

129 Where’s the Struggle?

134 Dancing with “Difficult” People

140 Unlikely Teachers

145 Thank You Very Much

151 Afterword: See You on the Mat

155 Acknowledgments

157 Permissions

159 Resources

163 About the Author


$15 + shipping

Simple Gifts
Making the Most of Life's Ki Moments
by Judy Ringer

How are you inventing your life today?

The answer lies in the choices you make.

Appreciate this moment.

Increase joy, flow, and presence. Reflect on your innate ability to invent life on purpose. Be grateful for the simple gifts all around you.

Ki is Japanese for universal energy or life force. Simple Gifts reminds us through story and song that how we direct our ki in life's "key" moments makes a difference.

The creation of Simple Gifts is a labor of love that joins the three areas of my life's work: singing, writing, and teaching. So…

Take a happiness break!

And let me lead you on a journey of awareness, reflection, practice, and fun.

  • Renew your perspective
  • Relax your mind
  • Refresh your spirit

Make each moment a Ki Moment.

And live a life of power and presence.

Track Listing

Part 1 - Presence

  1. Sophia and Sam
  2. Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries (song)
  3. One Rock at a Time
  4. Stopping by Woods (Listen)

Part 2 - Bad Reality/Good Reality

  1. Thinking Makes it So
  2. On the Sunny Side of the Street (song)
  3. Have a Present Moment
  4. The Guest House
  5. Inner Freedom
  6. Anyone Can Whistle (song)
  7. Neighbors With Drums

Part 3 - Regaining Perspective

  1. Being the Mountain/Rocky Mountain High (song) (Listen)
  2. I Know Worry Works
  3. High Hopes
  4. High Hopes (song)
  5. Seeing Things As We Are

Part 4 - The Path of Gratitude

  1. Cultivating Gratitude
  2. Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep (song)
  3. A Grateful Heart
  4. Simple Gifts (song)
  5. On the Sunny Side of the Street (reprise)
$15 + shipping

Managing Conflict in the Workplace
An Aiki Approach
by Judy Ringer

We spend too much time at work for it to be painful.

Whether you're a CEO, supervisor, manager, or employee, you are influencing your environment moment to moment. How can you use your influence more intentionally to create a positive and productive workplace?

In this 30-minute recording, I answer frequently asked questions and offer practical advice about transforming workplace conflict.


  1. Workplace Conflict: Breaking Ineffective Habits
  2. The Centered State: Moving From Reaction to Response
  3. Managing Emotional Energy with Awareness and Purpose
  4. Difficult People: Dealing with Resistance
  5. Managing Difficult Conversations: Five Tips

Let me help you redirect the energy of workplace conflict and take another step toward creating a more positive work environment.


Thank you for an energizing and inspiring workshop! The mental and physical concepts of Aikido illustrated in a tangible way the "gift of energy" and insight conflict offers, and how to apply those concepts in the workplace.

Ruslyn Vear, M.L.S.
Head of Reference and Adult Programming
Amherst Town Library
Amherst, NH

$15 + shipping

Food for Thought
Elevating the Culinary Experience
by Deborah Rodin

Do you remember Jeremiah's visit to the potter's house and the vital message he received? Its something to ponder as you prepare a Mediterranean-style fish baked in a clay pot. Or imagine wrapping your faith around a promise from God as you create a sausage encased in a delectable golden brioche crust.  

Deborah Rodin lovingly shares her journey with God through scripture, story, and mouth-watering recipes she's created, tested, and enjoyed with family and friends. A professional musician, recording artist, writer and gourmet, Deborah thinks and writes in the language of metaphor.

Having been a member of the Italian National Radio Orchestra of Turin, she experienced the fine Piemontese cuisine. This encouraged her to create her own recipes with a European flair.

The photos alone of her many culinary creations will captivate you. And there is so very much more. 

$29 + shipping

The Magic of Conflict
by Thomas Crum

$15 + shipping

Three Deep Breaths
by Thomas Crum

$12 + shipping

Journey to Center
by Thomas Crum

$13 + shipping

Beyond the Gold
by Thomas Crum

$10 + shipping

From Chaos to Center
by Judith S. Warner

$13 + shipping

Conflict as Opportunity
Gift Bundle

This special bundle, just in time for the holidays, is my way of thanking you for your continued support. 

The Conflict as Opportunity Bundle includes both of my books:

  • Unlikely Teachers: Finding the Hidden Gifts in Daily Conflict
  • Turn Enemies into Allies: The Art of Peace in the Workplace

And two of my CDs:

  • Simple Gifts: Making the Most of Life's Ki Moments and
  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace: An Aiki Approach

All for $59. 

As a special treat, you'll also receive my Christmas CD: This Little Light: The Gift of Christmas, absolutely free.

That’s two books and three CDs of Power and Presence, a total value of $78. Enjoy the bundle yourself or gift pieces to the special people in your life.

Enter the new year with tools to embrace conflict, communicate across differences, and make the most of each Ki Moment.

$59 + shipping

2021 Finding Center Calendar
Find your center throughout the year...

Do you ever need a reminder to center? To take a look around you, enjoy the day, breathe?

I know I do.

This is the third year I've offered a calendar with monthly reminders to center and take in the world around you and, based on your feedback, you really enjoy it.

I hope it helps you to have even more ki moments in 2020.

$29.95 + shipping

Finding Center Calendar
Stay balanced in 2022

Do you ever need a reminder to center? To take a look around you, enjoy the day, breathe?

I know I do.

This is the fourth year I've offered a calendar with monthly reminders to center and take in the world around you and, based on your feedback, you really enjoy it.

Each year I choose new photos and quotes from my blog and books to help you have even more ki moments in 2022.

AND... This year the calendar comes with a gift of my Christmas CD, "This Little Light", normally a $15 value. Enjoy!

$29.95 + shipping

This Little Light: The Gift of Christmas
by Judy Ringer

There’s something about Christmas.

Candles, carols, bells and mistletoe.

Presents under the tree.



This Little Light is a coming together of my love for Christmas and my work as a conflict and communication skills trainer. What brightens your light? What weakens it? Can you be more intentional with it?

Whether you lose your center in holiday chaos or look forward to each moment, these stories and songs will... 

  • ...refresh your spirit and encourage joy.

  • ...reinforce the reason for the season.

  • ...remind you that your presence is the greatest gift.

  • ...renew your little light and encourage it.

The Spirit of Christmas is present throughout the year.

You need only look inside to find it. 


Track Listing

1 – Stories and Songs

1. This Little Light (Listen)
2. A Christmas Carol (Listen)
3. What Child Is This? 
4. Holiday Presence / Il est né, le divin Enfant
5. Sing We Now of Christmas (Listen)
6. Hurry Up and Meditate / O Come, O Come Emmanuel
7. One Moment More
8. White Christmas
9. Epilogue
10. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
11. Credits

2 – Song Tracks

12. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
13. This Little Light
14. What Child Is This?
15. Il est né, le divin Enfant
16. Sing We Now of Christmas
17. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
18. White Christmas
19. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

$15 + shipping

Give the Gift of Center This Christmas
2022 Original Calendar/"This Little Light" CD Set
Judy Ringer

This is the perfect combination for a more centered holiday season and new year! 

Continue your mindfulness journey in 2022 with a Centering Calendar featuring original photographs from Judy's travels around the country and reminders each month from Judy's books, articles and blog posts. 

And the stories and songs of Judy's Christmas CD, This Little Light: The Gift of Christmas, will help you to find your light... in this and every season.

Minimize stress. Invite joy. Focus on the important themes of the season: peace, family, and happiness. 

$29.95 + shipping