The success of a presentation is a direct result of the effectiveness of the presenter.

Powerful Presentations

This empowering workshop combines an awareness of good vocal technique with training and practice in giving clear, effective, and compelling presentations.

You will practice skills to develop a more powerful voice, enhance confidence and presence, and connect with your audience. You will also have the opportunity to deliver on video your own presentation, receive feedback, and fine-tune your skills. This program is available as a workshop or through individual instruction.


To help participants acquire the tools for increased confidence and presence speaking before large or small groups.


  • Enhanced awareness of the vocal mechanism, including breathing and voice projection.
  • Ability to put into practice the Four Defining Characteristics of a Powerful Presentation.
  • Group learning through kinesthetic exercises, simulation and discussion.
  • Fun!

Gain confidence through practice. Powerful Presentations is one of my most popular programs and is great for groups or individual coaching.