The skills of negotiation can be learned, as can the ability to remain calm, centered and curious in the process.

Mutual Gains Negotiations

The training presented here is designed to give participants an introduction to the principles and techniques of mutual gains negotiation, originated at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard, MIT, and Tufts and presented in the books Getting to Yes and Getting Past No, by Roger Fisher and William Ury. In addition, the program includes kinesthetic training in centering, blending, and power from the martial art Aikido.

During the course, theory will be followed by practice in the form of kinesthetic exercises, role plays and simulated negotiations.


To increase our understanding and skill in dealing with conflict and to practice the art of negotiation.


  • Increase connection and well being on all sides.
  • Move from defensive behavior to learning behavior.
  • Understand and practice the mutual gains approach to negotiation.
  • Negotiate better outcomes by understanding how to create and distribute value.
  • Deal with obstacles to the negotiation process.