What keeps me doing the same things even though the results are not what I want?

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Whether the goal is excellent service, facilitating change, or creating a cooperative work environment, conflict often gets in the way.

In this interactive and energizing program, you’ll begin to reposition daily challenges as opportunities to discover what you’re really going for and how to achieve it. You’ll see conflict as a way to strengthen relationships instead of weakening them, and you’ll practice techniques to move from reactivity to response and from a problem to a solution focus. You’ll make life more effortless and powerful and have fun doing it.


To provide perspective, tools, and training in self-management and conflict resolution in the workplace.


  • Choose to be centered and increase your options in difficult situations.
  • Appreciate the value of listening and curiosity in conflict.
  • Utilize specific verbal applications to communicate more effectively.
  • Appreciate emotional energy and direct it in positive ways.
  • Perform more effectively at work, in meetings and difficult conversations.