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Managing Conflict in the Workplace
An Aiki Approach
by Judy Ringer

We spend too much time at work for it to be painful.

Whether you're a CEO, supervisor, manager, or employee, you are influencing your environment moment to moment. How can you use your influence more intentionally to create a positive and productive workplace?

In this 30-minute recording, I answer frequently asked questions and offer practical advice about transforming workplace conflict.


  1. Workplace Conflict: Breaking Ineffective Habits
  2. The Centered State: Moving From Reaction to Response
  3. Managing Emotional Energy with Awareness and Purpose
  4. Difficult People: Dealing with Resistance
  5. Managing Difficult Conversations: Five Tips

Let me help you redirect the energy of workplace conflict and take another step toward creating a more positive work environment.


Thank you for an energizing and inspiring workshop! The mental and physical concepts of Aikido illustrated in a tangible way the "gift of energy" and insight conflict offers, and how to apply those concepts in the workplace.

Ruslyn Vear, M.L.S.
Head of Reference and Adult Programming
Amherst Town Library
Amherst, NH

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