Leadership Training

Preceding and underlying all action is the quality of being that generates that action.


Leadership is more than a set of traits.


Leadership is a way of being.

True leadership begins with your ability to focus energy—your own and your team’s—and direct it toward purpose and results.

Leaders understand the power of relationship to build collaborative, value-based teams.

With Power & Presence Training, you will:

  • Learn to manage yourself in order to better manage those you lead.
  • Direct and foster change initiatives that engage and attract followers.
  • Transform conflict and communicate with clarity and purpose.
  • Present with confidence—in group settings and one-on-one.
  • Generate positive creative power through self-reflection, engagement, and quality interaction.
  • Physically understand concepts, such as presence, leadership, and the centered state.

Utilizing individually tailored assessments, experiential skill-building, and one-on-one coaching, you’ll look at the technical, physical, and energetic components of leadership, reinforce what is already working, and increase your leadership power and presence.

In addition, we can contract for team development, facilitation and ongoing support. The end goal? You lead. Your team moves forward.

All coaching, instruction, and training begins with an initial meeting or phone conversation in which we create a plan based on your desired outcomes, budget, and time parameters.

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