Leadership Presence

In what ways does conflict interfere with your leadership power and presence?

The things we can’t discuss control us.

Does your team dodge tough challenges because they’re afraid to talk about them? Do you tiptoe around certain topics, to the detriment of team morale and productivity? I call these “undiscussables” phantom energy or hidden ki.

Would you like to address this hidden energy safely and help your team talk—and listen—to each other again? Do you want to build your leadership confidence and presence?

Through training, coaching, and other creative initiatives, become a leader who can:

  • Surface and manage conflict constructively.
  • Listen non-defensively.
  • Communicate assertively and purposefully.
  • Lead people to sustainable, efficient solutions.
  • Present with confidence—in group settings and one-on-one.

We can contract for skill building, team development, coaching, and/or ongoing support. The end goal? You lead. Your team moves forward.

Our work together begins with an initial meeting or phone conversation in which we create a plan based on your desired outcomes, budget, and time requirements.

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