Workshops for Individuals

A different, fun, and powerful approach to managing conflict.

When you change, everything changes.

Would you like to:

  • eliminate conflict in your life?
  • make that awful coworker change?
  • turn negative people into positive ones?
  • win every argument?

If only.

Believe me, I’d like that, too. And after two decades of teaching and many years of living, I’ve learned I can’t eliminate conflict, make others change, or win every argument.

On the other hand, I can and do:

  • practice a powerful and fun approach to dealing with conflict.
  • know how to take back power when I catch myself giving it away.
  • have more options when faced with difficult people.
  • see conflict as an opportunity to be more direct and intentional.
  • understand that I am inventing my life each moment, and every choice makes a difference.

If I can do this, you can, too. Reduce conflict, communicate more skillfully, and enjoy a happier life.

Get started by exploring these public program descriptions. Come to New England for one of my open enrollment programs or invite me to come to you. A group of ten or more is all we need to create a memorable event.

Register online for any of the “Upcoming Public Workshops” below or contact me directly. Reduced fees are available by agreement.

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