Workshops for Teams and Organizations

Connecting theory and practice.

We are creating our environments moment to moment. We can do it on purpose.

Power & Presence Training will help your team to effectively connect conflict theory with intentional practice. You probably know the theory:

  • Be calm
  • Be confident
  • Be a good listener
  • Be assertive
  • Be respectful
  • Be a problem-solver

This advice is sound and, if practiced, will lead to successful outcomes. But theory often goes missing in the heat of the moment. We react, and consequences follow. We don’t live theory.

Power & Presence Training offers concrete skills that are practical, effective, and fun to learn.

Through simple Aikido activities, expert communication skill building, and interactive learning, you and your team or group will:

Normalize conflict.

We all have it. Let’s figure out how to use it purposefully.

Re-pattern old conflict habits and expand options.

When pressure builds, we default to what we know. These habituated, reactive patterns are seldom useful. You’ll learn and practice new ones.

Gain confidence and courage to address the tough topics.

When you become curious, conversations are easier. It only takes one to begin.

Leave feeling inspired, energized, and eager to apply new skills.

Learning can and should be fun. Aikido takes you into a new arena, where you understand concepts physically and reinforce what works.

Read about these popular trainings. Then contact me to create a program for you and your group.

Does your conference need a keynote? These topics can be tailored for your event. Or choose from other topics.

Workshops for Teams/Individuals

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Unlikely Teachers: Finding the Hidden GIfts in Daily Conflict

Workshops for Leaders

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Powerful Presentations

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