Keynotes and Endnotes

Walk away with useful tools. Be motivated. Have fun.

I’ve developed a few topics specifically for keynote and endnote presentations.

My goal is for everyone to:

  • walk away with something useful.
  • have some fun.
  • be moved.
  • be motivated.
  • feel energized.
  • be really glad they came.

People walk away from my presentations seeing themselves and others differently, open to new ideas, and inspired to change.

Keynote Presentations

Making More Powerful Choices

Unlikely Teachers: Finding the Hidden Gifts in Daily Conflict

Endnote Presentations

Simple Gifts and Ki Moments

Bad Reality/Good Reality: Thinking Makes it So

Inner Freedom

A Grateful Heart: Cultivating Gratitude

Any public or organizational workshop can also be tailored to meet your keynote/endnote goals.