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February 23, 2021

The Requirement of Center in Any Good Adventure

The Requirement of Center in Any Good Adventure

~ by Tracie Winge Shroyer, virtual assistant and launch tech expert

“That’s weird, I’m sure I just filled my water bottle and it’s empty. I wonder if I have two with me and I didn’t realize it?”

My husband looked at me in horror and grabbed my laptop bag (from which I had just pulled my water bottle). Frantically he began pulling dripping electronics out and laying them on the backseat.

This is where I realized a waterproof laptop bag is really only handy if the water is on the outside of the bag. When the water is on the inside, it becomes a swimming pool for electronics.

“Think it will be okay?” I asked nervously.

Bret lifted up my fairly new MacBook Pro and water came pouring out of the ports. “Umm… I’m thinking probably not.”

Even on a typical day, this would have been an issue. But, of course, this wasn’t a typical day.

First of all, it was 4:30am. Eighteen hours earlier, Bret had located the exact truck we’d been looking months for in Dubuque, Iowa. When you travel full-time and pull a 16,000 lb 5th wheel, your truck becomes very important. There happened to be a shortage of the type that we needed and we were having no luck in either the new or used market.

We, and our RV, were sitting happily in Orlando when he was notified of a match. It was a Friday morning, and as I’d worked really hard all week and had done hair and makeup for a bunch of live calls, I’d decided to take it easy after my workout and sort through some emails. I was sweaty and lazily enjoying my coffee when he came to me and said, “Can you be ready in two hours to leave for Dubuque?” Always up for an adventure – I ran for the shower.

My computer was toast

We had 26 hours to complete a 20 hour cross country drive or the dealership would sell the truck to the next person on the list. We were in a truck race with scarcely time to stop for bathroom breaks, and the lifeline to my business had just gone swimming without a snorkel.

Bleary eyed after four hours of sleep in Kentucky, I’d filled my water bottle and then stuck it in my bag so I could open the truck door, not realizing the lid wasn’t tight. Just like that, my $1300 computer was toast. Everyone knows you can’t fix water damage.

As we pulled away from the hotel and began driving down the road I took a deep breath and thought about how this could go. We had 9 hours of driving to do before we got to the dealership with no time to stop for computer repairs. I could either sit and stew and beat myself up and be mad, or I could take another deep breath.

It was close, but in the end, the deep breath won.

I pulled out my phone and started looking for Apple Stores that had appointment openings in the next two days.

…Covid meant that many of the Apple stores across the country had temporarily closed and they were encouraging everyone to do their business online.

…Covid meant that I couldn’t just walk into a store, but had to find an appointment.

…Covid also meant there was a shortage of MacBook Pros to be purchased nationwide.

Any great adventure is going to require centering...

My deep breathing quickly turned into deep sighing. Looking back I wonder when deep sighing turns to hyper ventilating and which one I was actually doing.

As I searched through my options, however, it made me realize how lucky I was that we were traveling. Our route back to Orlando after picking up the truck could literally go through any city with an Apple store appointment, and new laptop, available.

And that’s how we wound up in St. Louis the next afternoon in our new truck.

As I honestly explained to the lady helping me what I’d done and why I needed a new computer, she looked up my account, pointed out that I had Apple Care and suggested I check it in for possible repair. In the meantime, I could still pick up the laptop I’d purchased, and if they were able to fix mine, I could return it in 14 days.

I love Apple.

We continued on our way. Three days later I picked up a completely repaired computer at the mailroom of our campground.

You know, there’s something funny about adventures. I have a lot of them. I love a good adventure, and I’ve written about many of them here. But I’ve realized over the years that any great adventure is going to require centering at some point. Because without needing to find center, an adventure is mostly just an exciting day.


Tracie Winge Shroyer helps women get past the tech so they can successfully launch their online product or business. Tracie and I have worked together for over 10 years. As launch tech expert and virtual assistant, she's passionate about her work... and great at it. (Take my--Judy's--word for it.)

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