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  • July 17, 2018

    Questions in Service of the Asked

    Questions in Service of the Asked

    I first heard the phrase--"questions in service of the asked"--as a participant in a workshop with Essential Partners, originally the Public Conversations Project, in Boston. It took me some time--and a lot of practice--to figure out what it meant and how to do it.

    I've written previously about the power of inquiry, curiosity and discovery, of asking useful questions, and of acknowledging what you hear to make sure the "asked" knows you're listening. After almost 25 years of teaching, coaching, and my own experience in conflict situations (yes, I have them, too), I can still get stuck on what questions to ask. What would help unravel this conflict knot? How can I better see where this person is coming from? What needs to happen here to find resolution?

  • April 1, 2010

    Ki Moments April 2010

    I increasingly appreciate the power of non-directive questions to open dialogue, diffuse thorny issues, and teach us about each other.

  • November 1, 2005

    Ki Moments November 2005

    At the end of aikido practice, I express gratitude to each partner by bowing and saying: “Thank you very much.” I’ve found over the years that sometimes I have obvious reasons to say thank you – working with that person was exhilarating and fun. And sometimes the reasons are not so obvious – my partner was stiff, rough, unconscious, or generally difficult to work with.