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  • February 11, 2020

    Predict the Potholes

    Predict the Potholes

    Carrol Suzuki is an online friend, colleague, and teacher. Her posts always inspire me to be a better listener, and her "Listening Better" website is a guide and instruction manual for how to do just that.

    Carrol is recognized as one of North America's premier business and workplace listening coaches, facilitators and specialists, and her writing is terrific and to the point. I love how much she says with so few words. I've passed along her nuggets before, and here's another for your learning pleasure.... (Thank you, Carrol!).

  • October 27, 2015

    Fall Conversations, by Carrol Suzuki

    Fall Conversations, by Carrol Suzuki

    I'm indebted to Carrol Suzuki of Suzuki and Associates for the following post and related links on the importance of listening in our lives and workplaces.

    Fall Conversations

    by Carrol Suzuki

    A perfect day in autumn is sunshine, crisp air and dry sidewalks with a blanket of bright multi-colored leaves. What if the way we walk through those leaves gives us some wonderful hints about how to listen well...