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  • June 5, 2018

    Make That Pit Stop

    Make That Pit Stop

    Race car drivers – make pit stops to go at top speed.  To get top understanding in a conversation — do the same thing.

    Many thanks to Carrol Suzuki ( for the gift of this post....

  • December 20, 2016

    My Invisible Earphones

    My Invisible Earphones

    This holiday season if the conversation turns difficult, notice if you've tuned the speaker out with "invisible earphones" and are listening only to your own internal voice.

    Enjoy this brief post by Carrol Suzuki, recognized as one of North America's premier business and workplace listening coaches.

  • March 15, 2016

    Good Will Hunting

    Not just a movie title. While Matt Damon's character's name was Will Hunting - let's try on an alternate meaning.

    What if the next time you notice that you are negatively judging the person you are listening to - you try -"Good Will Hunting."

  • January 6, 2015

    Keeping it on the Road

    Keeping it on the Road

    I've always loved the Chinese proverb:

    "Unless we change our direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed."

    What direction are you headed?  

    At this time of year in particular I tend to think about my direction, whether it's purposeful, and what obstacles might derail me.

    Although Carrol Suzuki and I have not met, I subscribe to her blog. Her brief, cogent meditation on effective listening is a wonderful practice and a timely reminder on how to keep myself from veering off the path of peace, presence, and positive intention.

    Carrol gave me permission to republish "Keeping it on the Road." I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
    Wishing you good ki and safe travels this year!

  • October 15, 2013

    Advice to Congress from a Conflict Novice: It Only Takes One

    Advice to Congress from a Conflict Novice: It Only Takes One

    In almost every workshop I teach, someone asks the hard question: How would you advise our legislators right now? Or, Why can’t the U.S. Congress figure out how to partner on these issues instead of being so divisive?

    Here’s today’s advice…

  • April 3, 2012

    The Art of Persuasion: Tips for Getting Your Point Across When No One Is Listening

    If advocating is all you do, you will have few listeners. They’ll get tired or bored. If, on the other hand, you are a skilled listener, people will flock to you. And they will listen back. The most useful strategy for being heard is to educate.