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April 25, 2017

Sophia and Sam at the Beach

Sophia and Sam at the Beach

In February 2007, I wrote a story about Sophia and Sam. My friend Linda is their Mom. Sophia and Sam were newborns at the time, and Linda and I made a date for me to visit and meet them. It was a visit that stayed with me. A centering moment that returns often and reminds me how I learned and experienced the meaning of presence by watching them that day in their crib.sophia-and-sam

Over the years, Linda and I stayed in touch. When Sophia and Sam were two years old, Linda sent me a note about how their presence deepened her relationship with her parents ...

I thought on the way home "you two bring such joy to their lives, for even a brief time my dad forgets about his [health] situation, and he barks like a dog, meows like a kitty and says Peek A Boo!! over and over. All because Sam and Sophia were just being themselves!!"  A true gift and reminder to be in the present moment..."

and later....

As I drove home, I saw a homeless women walking the too, I thought were once like Sam and heart melted for her. I imagined her as a baby and love flowed from me to her. Maybe this is how we can all bring peace to the world.

Indeed, Linda. Maybe by letting go of the walls we put up as we grow up, and by returning to the peace and joy that is our natural state of being.

Sophia and Sam are ten now, and Linda sent me a picure of them at the beach on a recent wintry day. Their presence still shines brightly. May it always be so.

You can read my February 2007 story here and listen to it on my CD, Simple Gifts: Making the Most of Life's Ki Moments.

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