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September 18, 2012

Running into a Ki Moment: From Resistance to Connection

Running into a Ki Moment: From Resistance to Connection

Guest post by Tracie Shroyer, V.A.Tracie-Shroyer

Boy, do I hate this. Why do I do this to myself?

I huffed and puffed and made myself more and more depressed about the fact that I was engaged in one of my least favorite activities… running.

I do this so that I can break the cycle of obesity in my family. I do this so that I can live a long life.

I was never born to be a runner. I am five feet tall. My legs stop where other people’s knees begin. I have asthma. The type of asthma that sends me to the emergency room occasionally and makes me see stars when I’m running hard enough.

I’m on vacation! No one runs on vacation! People eat, drink and are merry on vacation. They don’t run!

I concentrated on my footfalls as the path became a bit rough.

I do this because I can.

I can.

I can.

From Resistance to Connection

As I kept repeating that mantra in my head in time with my steps, I found myself in a different place. Instead of focusing on what I hated, I began to look around.

Wow, this is beautiful. Am I actually running along a river? In Durango, Colorado? The air is so pure here. I’m not even wheezing.


Suddenly, it became clear as a bell.

I am so lucky. I am running. I am in the mountains on a six-week vacation with my family and I am running! Because I can! Because I choose to!

I watched another runner struggle to keep her dog moving as I jogged by with my perfectly behaved, prancing standard poodle.

I am so lucky. What a great day! I can run! I can enjoy this beauty and peacefulness with my favorite running partner. I chose to do this.

I can run!

I can run. 

I can run.

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