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February 11, 2020

Predict the Potholes

Predict the Potholes

It's good to remember that most people are trudging through life the best they can, seeking to be loved, understood, have a purpose and feel valued.
~Charlotte Kasl

Carrol Suzuki is an online friend, colleague, and teacher. Her posts always inspire me to be a better listener, and her "Listening Better" website is a guide and instruction manual for how to do just that.

Carrol is recognized as one of North America's premier business and workplace listening coaches, facilitators and specialists, and her writing is terrific and to the point. I love how much she says with so few words. I've passed along her nuggets before, and here's another for your learning pleasure.... (Thank you, Carrol!).

Predict the Potholescarrol-suzuki
by Carrol Suzuki

Watched the New York Marathon (on TV).  One of the para-runners pre-rolls the entire roadway. Why? What for? He records where all the potholes are so he can roll smoothly from start to finish.

Want to do the same in your important conversations? Take a moment just before your conversations and remind yourself of your top/biggest listening potholes. Could be immediate advice-giving, or "reminds me of the time", or the old standby — finishing their sentences. Then maybe you'll avoid them altogether! And just maybe, your conversation will be more satisfying to your partner, and you too.

Let me know.




What's Your Pothole?

What is your biggest listening pothole, the one that stops your ability to move forward in the conversation? I love to solve problems and give advice. I catch myself most of the time, but not always. When I see the pothole coming up, I stop and ask if the speaker is interested in advice, or if they prefer that I just listen. It makes for a much cleaner dialogue, and relationship. 

What's your pothole? (Leave a comment below)....


Meanwhile, please visit Carrol's website, and learn more.


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