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September 1, 2023

Living on Purpose: What's Next for Power & Presence

Living on Purpose: What's Next for Power & Presence

In July, I wrote about how I'd been "Wobbling" and beginning to re-identify myself to myself. Who am I when I'm visited by emotional overwhelm? Where is my purpose when those I love are struggling? What am I meant to do "with this one wild and precious life?"

When I think about it, this re-identification has been going on for some time. Whenever a life choice presents itself, I ask myself where my energy is strong, where I'm called, and I try to follow. Each step is a choice point that calls for reflection. Then Covid happened, and work and life, and world, were transformed, and I began spending more time on these bigger questions.

Power & Presence Training will be 30 years old soon. I gave my first workshop in November, 1993, when my friend and mentor Thomas Crum gave me permission to share his Aikido methodology for transforming conflict into opportunity.

That first group was 10 friends willing to take a chance on me and a 5-week, 15-hour course called "The Magic of Conflict." A kind colleague gave me space in his acupuncture studio to hold the sessions. I charged $10.00 per person for materials and snacks.

It went well! Friends of my friends began to call, and I put up fliers at the library and health food store. Past participants asked for professional development workshops at their school or organization. Gosh, that was an amazing time.

I didn't know I was taking my first steps on a path that would be a 30-year career. I didn't know how many wonderful people I would meet along the way, how much joy would come from the exchange of ki I felt with each new group, team, or individual, and with the consultants, trainers, and leaders I would meet and partner with.

Living On Purpose

Gratitude doesn't begin to express my feelings for these years or for the connections, insights, and experiences that came with them. How can the time have gone so fast? How can I consider not continuing on this path for the rest of my life?

And--you felt this coming--maybe 30 is long enough. 

For all that time, with all the changes in technology and technique, the travel and time away from home, through all of it I knew I was living my purpose. I watched people's eyes shine with new awareness of the power and possibilities open to them. We had so much fun together, doing the Aikido and applying it to conflict, leadership, and life.

How could I have been so fortunate? And how long will I continue? This is the question that's been surfacing these last few years, and, once again, I want to pay attention, to be purposeful about the next steps.

Power & Presence

I'm grateful for this work that I love and have been able to share with people for such a long time. What's true is that I still love it and want to continue to share it, just not in person.

I've enjoyed blogging more than I ever thought I would, and creating my books and CDs. I'll continue to write for as long as that feels purposeful, and maybe even write another book. We shall see.

The Power & Presence website no longer offers workshops or coaching. The site is changing daily, and each time you visit you may see something new--a post or a new article, for example.

My website was always meant to be a resource all by itself. The articles, blog posts, and books will stay where they are, always available. And many of the site pages will continue to act as resource material for resolving your conflicts with power and presence.

One of my core beliefs is that you know the answers to your questions. You're the expert in your life, after all, and if you take the time to center and tune in to your best self and listen to others with true curiosity, you will find your way. The resources on the site will help.

Plus, on the "About Judy" page, you'll find folks I've worked with over the years who can support you with workshops, retreats, and coaching.

The Ki Moments newsletter you may have received in your inbox will be discontinued soon. I'll continue to blog once a month, and you'll find the post on the site. So I encourage you to bookmark the site, and suggest topics you'd like me to address in future posts.

Endings and Beginnings

... a path with heart is easy; it does not make you work at liking it.” 
― Carlos Castaneda, The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

I have been traveling a path with heart. I've never had to work at liking it. And I have a feeling there may be other paths with heart. I promise to keep you in the loop and invite you to travel with me. 

The November Ki Moments newsletter will be the last, but I'll be posting monthly on the new Power & Presence Website. Look for me there!

And find your path with heart.

Good ki!

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