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June 1, 2010

Ki Moments June 2010

Welcome to June's issue of Ki Moments!

As I write, the sun is streaming in my window along with a slight breeze. It's about 70 degrees. I love living in New England.

sunflowerWoke up, it was a Chelsea morning,
And the first thing that I saw
Was the sun through yellow curtains,
And a rainbow on the wall.
Oh, won't you stay,
We'll put on the day
There's a sun show every second.

Quiet yourself for a moment. Breathe in to the count of five and breathe out to the count of five. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel your spine lengthen, your neck and head reach for the sky and both feet resting solidly on the ground. Center and extend ki. Be still, soft, and present.

As you move back into the noise of the day, keep the memory of the stillness within.

Good ki!


Why Am I Doing This? Acting on Purpose

The response to last month's Ki Moments story ("Happy Dollars") was generous and delightful. The idea of being publicly happy seemed to resonate.

Because of the quantity and thoughtfulness of the responses, I continued thinking about the story and the event that prompted it.

For example, last month I reflected on the question, Why not? - stand up and offer a Happy Dollar at Rotary every week, and I suggested some possible answers. Since then, after dropping a few more Happy Dollars in the bucket, I instead became curious about, Why do I? What purpose does the act serve? For instance:

The Happy Dollar acknowledges reasons to be grateful-always a good thing, in my view.  I get to share a happy moment with other like-minded folks. And I give to a good cause-several, in fact.

The following Sunday at church, the pastor spoke about channeling love, joy, and salvation through singing and prayer. I thought about the Happy Dollar story and wondered about my channel. What keeps it clear and flowing? What blocks it?

Finally, later that week, my husband Jim and I got into a wide-ranging conversation about how we all stumble as we try to do our best. How do we learn what motivates us? What blocks us?

These ki moments seemed to coalesce around intentionality and purpose. With awareness, I discover what causes me to act and what holds me back; I clarify choices, and I practice purposeful action. The channel opens. Energy flows.

It's good to ask, Why do I? Personally, I'm trying to ask the purpose question more often in all areas of life. For instance:

  • In conversation. Why am I saying this right now? What do I hope to accomplish?
  • In thought. What purpose does it serve to be so self-critical?
  • In action. What am I hoping for from this relationship? What do I offer?

There is always a bit of doubt, I guess. Agendas can be tricky; I can hide things from myself. That said, I like to think my purpose here is pretty clear: to increase simplicity, clarity, power and flow. Stuff gets in the way from time to time, for all of us. Ki Moments abound. And that's great--more to learn and write about!

If you'd like to read subscribers' responses to "Happy Dollars" - you can read more here.

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