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July 1, 2009

Ki Moments July 2009

Just back from Philadelphia

and the First World Congress on Positive Psychology — a conference on happiness! I think it's great that psychology research is turning toward what makes happy people happy.

As for Philadelphia — what a terrific city! And yes, I did climb those stairs that Rocky Balboa climbs in the movie "Rocky" (not that hard).

July 4 is Independence Day in the US. Today's Ki Moments is about a different kind of independence — the kind we can find anytime, anywhere.

Wishing you that kind of joy, every day!

Good ki!
Judy Ringer

The Pursuit of Happiness

Joy. Happiness. I woke up one recent morning pondering these ideas, wondering if I could just decide to find more of it in all the activities before me as I climbed out of bed. I decided I could and would. I'd approach each task like it was the first time I was doing it, I would stay present with each email (this takes focus!), each phone call (easier) and each person-to-person connection (fun).

My fascination with joy started slowly about two years ago when I began singing on Ki Moments — little snippets of favorite songs. It was joyful. I thought, I need to do this a lot! I started looking at other activities that just flowed, activities I didn't have to think twice about. Yes! I'll take more of that. It's a new practice, and it's working.

I spend a few minutes each morning imagining joy in my day.
When life takes an irritating turn, I think, could I choose happiness instead?

I find myself in new friendships with joyful people.
I'm reading books like Happier by Tal Ben-Shahar and Happiness is a Choice, by Barry Neil Kaufman.
I sing all the time. I've always sung. There's more joy in it now.

The research scientists I met at the Positive Psychology Congress reinforced for me the benefits of practicing happiness (sounds funny, doesn't it?) and the fact that happiness is a state of being we can choose.

Like centeredness, we can memorize what happiness feels like in the mind and body and go there on purpose.

True happiness connects us with what's meaningful in life. We learn to develop gratitude, awe and wonder, central characteristics of happy people.

We learn to notice what is good. Happiness isn't only something that happens to us. Happiness is a choice.

What are you happy about today? Nothing pops up? Try this:

Just decide to be happy, then look for the reasons.

Happy Fourth!

Listen to "It's A Lovely Day Today" (and sing along!)

PS – My new CD, Simple Gifts, is a "joy- generator."

Suzanne writes:
I consider Judy's CD to be a daily requirement — an elixir for everything that ails me … soothing voice/message to ease my troubles, fun music to perk me up. A perfect medicine with no negative side effects.

Purchase Simple Gifts on Amazon – $11.70

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Great Books for Living with Power & Presence

Three Deep Breaths

This summer, I plan to highlight useful resources for managing conflict, communicating with purpose and living life with more vitality.

My friend and colleague, Thomas Crum, has authored three great books, as well as videos, CDs, and other powerful resources for living with joy and purpose. My walk on the Aikido path started with Tom and his work.

Check out Tom's Website and Products, especially Three Deep Breaths (now available in paperback)

Craig Runde and Tim Flanagan at Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida have written two books (soon to be three!) on Conflict Competence.

Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader
Building Conflict Competent Teams

Craig, Tim and others at Eckerd have also developed a terrific assessment instrument (the Conflict Dynamics Profile) to help managers and employees improve awareness and responsiveness in conflict situations.
I'll have more next month. Stay tuned!

19th Annual Pegasus Conference – Nov. 2-4

pegasusSince 1989, Pegasus Communications has offered resources on systems thinking to help individuals, teams, and organizations connect in new ways about persistent challenges.
As a featured speaker at their upcoming fall conference in Seattle, I will be offering a 90-minute workshop, on "Applied Aikido: The Power of Purpose."

Keynote speakers include Juana Bordas, John Seely Brown, Peter Senge, Linda Booth Sweeney, and David Whyte. It's a wonderful conference for you and your organization.

Learn more at

Do You Tweet?

I've just jumped into the world of social networking with both feet and am not drowning, though not exactly winning gold medals – yet!

I'm on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Are you? If you liked my book, Unlikely Teachers, or listened to either of my CDs, please tweet, post, or otherwise let your social network know!

Help me make the most of this new media. Thanks!

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