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February 1, 2007

Ki Moments February 2007


Sophia and Sam

Last Friday, I had a delightful visit with my friend, Linda, and her four-month-old twins, Sophia and Sam. Oh my. What joyful little beings. Tiny centering machines.

I'd gotten lost on the way to Linda's house and arrived half an hour late, uncentered and stressed. Sophia and Sam were asleep in their cribs, but Linda let me peek at them. Looking at their small sleeping bodies calmed me. Little perfect beings. Even, rhythmic breathing. I was like this once.

Linda and I talked, had tea, and caught up on each other's lives. Sophia and Sam woke up (yay!). Out they came (I got to hold Sophia) and I bathed in their centering ki. Just sat there and soaked it up. I was in one peaceful place driving home.

What did they do? Nothing. And everything. They smiled and frowned and giggled and stared; wiggled, touched, and extended joy. Their essence enveloped. Pure being.

Sophia and Sam just are.

When was the last time you just were? Can you rest there now? Look out the window. Stare into the distance. Empty your mind. Notice the rhythmic constancy of your breath. Be thankful for one thing you don't have to control.

Find something or someone that will give you what I received Friday - an infusion of centering ki. A booster shot of "This is what it's all about." And just sit and be for a while.

Some lessons from Sophia and Sam:

  • Sleep a lot.
  • Smile a lot.
  • Let life surprise and delight.
  • Giggle.
  • Wiggle.
  • Cry.
  • Touch lightly.
  • Connect deeply.
  • Allow others to tend to you now and then.
  • Smile at life, especially if there seems to be no reason to.

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