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November 8, 2016

Election Day

Election Day

I don't have much to say today, except that...

I really hope the winners of today's U.S. elections devote as much energy toward uniting our polarized sides as they've put into winning votes, so that we can begin to solve the difficult problems facing us. I really hope the sides turn toward each other tomorrow respecting the outcome and showing our country and its people that we can move forward together instead of stagnating separately.

I'm always surprised when those in leadership focus on talking points that increase divisiveness instead of inviting dialogue that strives to include all points of view. It just seems so harmful to drive wedges and so healthy to unite. Why can't we do it?

When we play win-lose games with issues as momentous as immigration, education, and economic dislocation, everybody loses. When we care more about winning than serving the greater good, we lose sight of the overarching purpose. And when we stop respecting each other, we lose ourselves and our center.

On this election day 2016, do what you can in your own family and workplace to...

  • unite instead of divide.
  • dialogue instead of debate.
  • choose to include rather than exclude.
  • focus on commonalities not differences.

Smile, breathe, and stay in the moment. Say hello to your fellow voter without caring what side they're on. Respect their right to make a choice different from yours. After all, they're an American and they care enough to be at the polls. You have that in common.

Have a beautiful day!

Graphics gratitude: wikimedia commons

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