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January 5, 2016

About Being Wrong: Rediscovering Wonder

About Being Wrong: Rediscovering Wonder

Hi -- I watched a great TED Talk recently called "About Being Wrong" by presenter Kathryn Schulz. And I thought of you. And me. And conflict. And what a great job Kathryn Schulz does describing the upside of realizing we're wrong--that we're seeing life through a cloudy camera lens or a skewed view point.

She tells us why we grow up with this need--this imperative to be right--and the often disastrous personal and cultural consequences. But she's best when she explores the wonder of not-knowing, of stepping with childlike fascination over the cliff of safety into the unknown.

I encourage you to set aside 17 minutes of your brand new year to watch "About Being Wrong."

More to the point, I hope you'll live it. We all need wonder in our lives. And our world needs us to be willing to be wrong.

Look for opportunities to be wrong about something--anything--today. Be fascinated, childlike, surprised, and awed. Rediscover wonder.

Happy New Year!

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