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  • November 26, 2013

    One Moment More

    One Moment More

    I had a dream some years ago that I was about to die. I panicked. Not because I was dying, but because I wasn't sure I'd lived. I was afraid I hadn't used my time on Earth wisely. I wanted the chance to do it over. And I thought in that moment of the dream, that if I could go back, I'd do more good. I'd be less concerned about me. I remember thinking I'd had this chance to be kind, to help. Was I? Did I?

  • November 27, 2012

    Another One: Waking Up To Life

    Another One: Waking Up To Life

    How often do you “wake up” to the beauty around you?

    My friend Pam McPhee, director of The Browne Center for Innovative Learning at the University of New Hampshire, tells the story of a Nicaraguan family she met on one of her many volunteer work trips. She was there to help improve sanitary conditions in the city of Managua and came upon a young woman and her children living in the most dire poverty.

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