Hold yourself and your employees accountable to high standards of performance.

Managerial Courage: Addressing Disrespectful Behavior

This interactive and experiential workshop is designed to help managers communicate directly, truthfully, and respectfully when goals are not met.

You will gain the courage to hold yourself and your employees accountable to high standards of performance in support of a positive workplace. You’ll learn about the obstacles to direct confrontation, practice assertiveness, and acquire mind/body skills that will bring forth your leadership and vision.

Participants will be asked to draw on specific problem situations in practicing the skills.


To provide tools, skills and practice to become more comfortable delivering difficult feedback.


  • Hold staff accountable.
  • Confront serious, ongoing behavior issues.
  • Deal with problems firmly and in a timely manner.
  • Help employees move on when other efforts fail.
  • Improve the working environment.

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