While we cannot control what comes at us, we can manage those events more intentionally.

Making More Powerful Choices

Conflict can have a profound impact on workplace efficiency, atmosphere, and relationships. While we cannot control what comes at us, we can manage those events more intentionally by managing ourselves and our reactions.

This interactive keynote offers perspective, tools and training in how to skillfully handle difficult situations and co-create a happier workplace. Learn how to positively affect the work environment and reduce personal and organizational stress through physical and verbal strategies, applications, and discussion.


To offer specific skills and perspective on how to create a more positive and productive workplace.


  • Move from reactivity to response under pressure.
  • Use your power to foster a positive work environment and enroll others in the process.
  • Manage emotions with intention.
  • Communicate with peers, subordinates, and superiors in more purposeful ways.

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Thu, May 1, 9:30am
University of New Hampshire, Portsmouth

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Leadership Presence: The Equine Experience

Sat, May 24, 9:00am
Tuckaway Farm, Lee, NH

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Powerful Presentations

Thu, June 12, 9:00am
Southern New Hampshire University, Portsmouth, NH

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