What can horses teach us about leadership? How might connecting with a different culture help us examine and explore our own?

Leadership Presence: Equine Experience

with Pam McFee and Judy Ringer

Leadership Presence is a hands-on workshop on leadership, power, and centered presence. Pam McPhee’s experience with Equine Assisted Learning, my Aikido techniques, and our four-legged friends make this a day packed with exploration, learning and fun. 

Step away from the daily world of demands and habitual patterns …

… shake up the senses, and engage in experiences designed to enhance influence and results. 

You will discover ways of leading these beautiful animals that apply to leadership and influence everywhere—your corporate team, government agency, school, and home life—plus concrete take-aways such as:

  • Increased ability to inspire and motivate.
  • Physical understanding of trust-based relationships and communication.
  • Personal congruence and leadership presence.

This methodology does not require any previous horse experience and does not involve riding. It involves observing and participating in activities with horses while on the ground.

Come prepared to be delighted, surprised, and engaged.

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