Breathe, smile, and return to freedom, the freedom that is always at your disposal and that only you can restrict.

Inner Freedom

Based on a popular story from my CD, Simple Gifts: Making the Most of LIfe’s Ki Moments, “Inner Freedom” is about quality of life choices we take for granted and often forget to exercise.

Purpose and Objectives:

To offer insight, awareness, and practice in remembering and developing inner freedoms, such as the freedom…

  • To choose my attitude, even when I have no choice over the circumstances.
  • To talk things out in difficult situations instead of holding back.
  • To laugh.
  • To smile.
  • To be curious.
  • To see the good in people.
  • To appreciate each moment.

Participants leave more aware of the power and freedom at their disposal.

Upcoming Public Workshops

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Wed, October 15, 8:00am
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, Dover, NH

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Managing Conflict in the Workplace: An Aiki Approach

Wed, November 12, 9:00am
Portsmouth Aikido, Portsmouth, NH

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