Learning to give and receive energy with each new partner is a challenge and a gift.
Private Workshop
Thu, January 29 4:00pm 7:00pm

Effective Communication: Message Delivery or Problem Solving?

Location: Medtronic; Portsmouth, NH

What makes certain types of communication so challenging? How can you use words to involve, problem-solve, and motivate? 

Based on well-recognized texts and practices in the field of purposeful communication, this skill-based training introduces strategies for dealing with tough topics, sharing difficult information, and managing interpersonal communication through inquiry, advocacy and acknowledgement.

You'll practice mental, behavioral and verbal skills to help you feel more confident expressing yourself, understanding others, and transforming difficult conversations into learning conversations.

Public Workshop
Wed, February 25 9:00am 4:00pm

We Have to Talk: A Step-by-Step Workshop for Holding Difficult Conversations Well

Tuition: $195.00 (before February 18)
Location: Portsmouth, NH
Register online:
You can also register by email or call (603) 431-8560

Is there a difficult conversation you've been putting off?

Would you like to increase your skill in addressing a challenging topic with a coworker, family member or friend?

This one-day interactive and experiential training will help you:

  • Confront tough topics
  • Share difficult information
  • Manage interpersonal conflict
  • Feel more comfortable expressing yourself
  • Turn difficult conversations into learning conversations

Walk away prepared to hold your difficult conversations with power & presence. 

Read my "Checklist for Difficult Conversations."

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