Learning to give and receive energy with each new partner is a challenge and a gift.
Sat, October 8 9:30am 11:30am

Oceanwood Adult Boot Camp

Location: Ocean Park, ME

Most of us go about thinking that life happens to us, that conflict is a negative event, and that our reactions are caused and not under our conscious control.

This workshop helps participants experience how life events, troublesome people, and difficult problems can be gifts to help us strengthen relationships, open communication, and invent life in more purposeful ways.

Private Workshop
Tue, October 11 – Wed, October 12

Intentional Leadership: Communicating with Power & Presence

Location: Durham, NH

Do you have an important presentation on the horizon? Are you concerned about a conversation you need to have with an employee, co-worker or supervisor? What skills and practices are unique to speaking before groups or speaking one-one-one? And what do these seemingly different communication opportunities have in common?

We will answer these questions and others in a dynamic training day of presentational and interpersonal communication skills, as we explore the concept of leadership presence from a whole-body perspective. You’ll bring together several important leadership competencies and become more aware and intentional about your influence on others. 


  • Understand leadership as more than a position, style or set of tasks.
  • Develop options for maintaining power under pressure.
  • Practice skills for communicating clearly and effectively.
  • Physically understand concepts such as presence, purpose, and partnering.
  • Learn to understand and use the energy of your audience—whether one or one hundred—to tailor your message.
  • Experience the power of a clearly defined purpose and core message.
Private Workshop
Mon, October 17 – Wed, October 19

Delivering Team Presentations: Techniques, Training and Practical Applications

Location: Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Kent, OH


One of the most significant leadership competencies required in today’s business world is the ability to deliver a compelling presentation—to engage a room’s attention, connect content and delivery with a core message, and adapt to the climate and challenges of the topic and the audience. This training offers the participant concrete skills, applications, coaching, and opportunities to practice individual and group presentation skills over the course of two days.

Learning objectives:

  • Build skill in the attributes of effective team presentations
  • Identify and embody centeredness and presence as fundamental qualities for leadership communication
  • Receive real time feedback through video recording and peer and instructor-led coaching forums
  • Take your skill, power, and comfort in delivering presentations to the next level

In collaboration with The Browne Center for Innovative Learning

Sat, October 22 1:00pm 5:00pm

Discovering Our Strength: Women's Workshop for Personal Empowerment

Tuition: $35.00
Location: Portsmouth Aikido, Portsmouth, NH
Register online:
You can also register by email or call (603) 431-8560

The purpose of this event is to provide women opportunities to discover and develop their inner strength.  All profits from the event will be donated to HAVEN Violence Prevention and Support Services.

You will benefit from this event if you:

        1. Would like to be more calm, centered and assertive
        2. Are feeling stuck and would like to start moving forward
        3. Would like to take an active role in your healing process

The cost of the event is $35, and scholarships are available. No one will be turned away for financial reasons.  If you would like to sponsor a participant or apply for a scholarship, please contact Betsy Haley at HAVEN at 603-436-4107 or

The event will begin at 1pm with a keynote introduction by Betsy Haley, Program Director of HAVEN, on trauma, its effects and how to heal from it.  This will be followed by a brief introduction by each of the presenters, including a description of the classes they will be offering.

From 2-5pm, there will be two classes held each hour.  Participants will need to choose which one to attend (both will be held in the same facility).

        2pm - Emotional Freedom Technique (Betsy Haley) / Women's Tai Chi (Kevin Beane)

        3pm - Personal Safety & NH Law (Rochelle Jones) / Presence & Purpose (Judy Ringer)

        4pm - Japanese Calligraphy (Yuka Cass) / Finding Your Power (Aaron Cass)