Learning to give and receive energy with each new partner is a challenge and a gift.
Private Workshop
Fri, July 17

Delivering Presentations with Power and Presence: Techniques, Training and Practical Applications

Location: Saint-Gobain R&D, Northboro, MA


One of the most significant leadership competencies required in today’s business world is the ability to deliver a compelling presentation—to engage a room’s attention, connect content and delivery with a core message, and adapt to the climate and challenges of the topic and the audience. This four-session training offers the participant concrete skills, applications, coaching, and opportunities in and out of the classroom.

Learning objectives:

  • Build skill in the attributes of effective presentations
  • Identify and embody centeredness and presence as fundamental qualities for leadership communication
  • Receive real time feedback through video recording and peer and instructor-led coaching forums
  • Take your skill, power, and comfort in delivering presentations to the next level

In collaboration with The Browne Center for Innovative Learning

Public Workshop
Wed, July 29 9:00am 4:00pm

Managing Difficult Situations by Managing Yourself

Tuition: $195 before July 22
Location: Southern New Hampshire University, Portsmouth NH
Register online:
You can also register by email or call (603) 431-8560

This workshop is for supervisors, managers, project leads, and anyone else interested in learning skills and perspectives for strengthening relationships with co-workers, supervisors, or direct reports.

Using Eastern and Western methods, you’ll learn and practice skills such as centering, appreciation, and the power of purpose, while making connections to specific workplace applications involving conflict, relationship management, training, and teamwork. Instead of reacting to circumstances, you'll learn to breathe, center, evaluate, and make choices that will help you use your vital life energy more intentionally and purposefully.

Managing Difficult Situations by Managing Yourself
Private Workshop
Tue, August 11 – Wed, August 12

Aikido and Conflict: Getting on the Mat

Location: BAE Systems Leadership Development Conference - Leesburg, VA

A training experience for leaders combining Aikido, communication and conflict management. Learn to utilize the energy of conflict and reduce defensiveness, while maintaining poise and presence.

In collaboration with The Browne Center for Innovative Learning.

Private Workshop
Wed, August 19

Managing Conflict

Location: State of Vermont - Berlin, VT

Whether the goal is excellent service, facilitating change, or creating a cooperative work environment, conflict often gets in the way.

The Aiki approach presents new ways to utilize and re-direct the energy of conflict. This interactive program uses principles and techniques from Aikido, the Japanese art of reconciliation. Emphasis is on appreciation, understanding, and working with your "opponents" instead of against them.