Learning to give and receive energy with each new partner is a challenge and a gift.
Public Workshop
Fri, April 10 9:00am 12:30pm

Applying Aikido Principles to Conflict Resolution

Location: Boston Facilitators Roundtable - Boston, MA
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You can also register by email or call (603) 431-8560

Practitioners of the Japanese martial art Aikido call the attack a "gift of energy." What if we could see all our challenges simply as energy to be utilized—acknowledged, received and transformed into something useful? The concept is almost always appealing, yet the question is, "How do we actually do it?"

On the mat, this transformation process is visual and kinesthetic. The Aikidoist acknowledges the attack energy by joining and guiding it. Off the mat, the real world Aikidoist employs curiosity and purpose to defuse conflict and co-create a more intentional, collaborative environment.

Applying Aikido Principles to Conflict Resolution
Private Workshop
Wed, April 15

We Have to Talk: A Step by Step Workshop for Difficult Conversations

Location: Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Is there a difficult conversation you've been putting off?

Would you like to increase your skill in addressing a challenging topic with a coworker, family member or friend?

You have more power than you think.

Based on my popular online "Checklist" article for difficult conversations, you'll learn a step-by-step approach to safely holding your most challenging workplace conversations. Whether you're a manager, supervisor, or front line employee, this experiential workshop will help you free up energy, return to purpose, and hold yourself and others accountable.

Thu, April 16

Intentional Leadership: Communicating with Power & Presence

Location: Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Do you have an important presentation on the horizon? Are you concerned about a conversation you need to have with an employee, co-worker or supervisor? What skills and practices are unique to speaking before groups or speaking one-one-one? And what do these seemingly different communication opportunities have in common?

We will answer these questions and others in a dynamic training day of presentational and interpersonal communication skills, as we explore the concept of leadership presence from a whole-body perspective. You’ll bring together several important leadership competencies and become more aware and intentional about your influence on others. 


  • Understand leadership as more than a position, style or set of tasks.
  • Develop options for maintaining power under pressure.
  • Practice skills for communicating clearly and effectively.
  • Physically understand concepts such as presence, purpose, and partnering.
  • Learn to understand and use the energy of your audience—whether one or one hundred—to tailor your message.
  • Experience the power of a clearly defined purpose and core message.
Public Workshop
Wed, May 27

Powerful Presentations with Susan Losapio

Tuition: $195 before May 20
Location: Portsmouth, NH
Register online:
You can also register by email or call (603) 431-8560

Does the thought of giving a presentation set your nerves on edge?

Perhaps you haven't changed your presentation style since college. In today's world of quick response and soundbite information, it's possible your presentation style is no longer effective.

If you'd like to take a fresh look at presenting, you don't want to miss our Powerful Presentations training on May 27, in Portsmouth, NH. 

Whether you give speeches every day or have to present your first one soon, this day is an opportunity to:

  • Learn valuable presentation skills
  • Practice in front of like-minded learners, and 
  • Invite your audience to engage with every word you say.

I hope you'll join Susan Losapio and me on May 27!

Powerful Presentations with Susan Losapio