Learning to give and receive energy with each new partner is a challenge and a gift.
Private Workshop
Wed, August 24

Intentional Communication

Location: University of NH, Durham, NH

This interactive workshop combines relationship building, behavior change, and communication practice to help participants become more intentional leaders and communicators with staff, peers, and superiors. We will enhance our ability to work together as the new school year begins.

Public Workshop
Sun, September 11 11:00am 12:00pm

Transforming Conflict: Finding the Hidden Gifts

Tuition: free and open to the public
Location: Sanctuary Arts, Eliot, ME
Register online:
You can also register by email or call (603) 431-8560


Most of us go about thinking that life happens to us, that conflict is a negative event, and that our reactions are caused and not under our conscious control. This presentation for Sunday Assembly Seacoast suggests that life events, troublesome people, and difficult problems can be gifts that, while unexpected and often undesired, can help us to strengthen relationships, open communication, and invent life in more purposeful ways. 

This event is free and open to the public. Please join us from 11 am to noon.

Private Workshop
Wed, September 14

Managing Conflict in the Workplace: An Aiki Approach

Location: State of Vermont - Berlin, VT

Whether the goal is excellent service, facilitating change, or creating a cooperative work environment, conflict often gets in the way.

The Aiki approach presents new ways to utilize and re-direct the energy of conflict. This interactive program uses principles and techniques from Aikido, the Japanese art of reconciliation. Emphasis is on appreciation, understanding, and working with your "opponents" instead of against them.

Private Workshop
Fri, September 23

Conflict and You: The Way of Aikido

Location: Wharton Leadership Ventures Program - Philadelphia, PA

Wharton-Graduate-Leadership-ProgramThis experiential workshop involves both body and mind with powerful kinesthetic activities from the martial art Aikido ("The Way of Harmony").

Much more than a "how-to" management workshop, “Conflict and You: The Way of Aikido” offers concrete practices, business applications, and real life examples on how to manage and resolve conflict by first managing yourself.

You’ll enter an Aikido dojo, get on the mat, and learn basic Aikido techniques, as you would in a beginning Aikido class, and then apply the principles of each technique to daily conflict—disagreements, workplace irritations, and real world dilemmas.

This program is offered in partnership with The Wharton Leadership Ventures Program.

Public Workshop
Wed, September 28 9:00am 1:00pm

Managing Conflict in the Workplace: An Aiki Approach

Tuition: $125 before September 21, 2016
Location: Portsmouth Aikido, Portsmouth, NH
Register online:
You can also register by email or call (603) 431-8560

Picture yourself exploring your relationship to workplace conflict in a dedicated Aikido dojo — Portsmouth Aikido — as you begin the fall season with a new approach to conflict, difficult people, and troublesome workplace scenarios. See yourself re-patterning physical and emotional habits that keep you trapped in unproductive and stress-producing behaviors and relationships. And feel the freedom that comes with getting unstuck. 

Learn more about Managing Conflict in the Workplace: An Aiki Approach