“Judy Ringer thoroughly embodies the principles she teaches.”
“Your conflict programs provide inspiring, practical techniques…”
“Ours is a high-stress environment; we take these concepts seriously.”
“You ‘topped the charts’ on the evaluations.”

It has been a pleasure working with Judy Ringer.  Her conflict programs provide inspiring, practical techniques for managing emotions and seeing new perspectives – both of which are essential for effectively managing conflicts.

Craig Runde
Craig Runde

Director of the Center for Conflict Dynamics
Co-author, “Developing Your Conflict Competence”

Wow! Had the opportunity today to learn from Judy Ringer. Her ability to meld deep subject matter mastery with insights she’s gained while becoming an Aikido second-degree black belt brought to life key conflict resolution and communication concepts. One of the best thought-into-practice sessions I’ve attended.

Lisa Clark
Lisa Clark

Program Manager
Nuclear Power Industry

Thank you for the amazing workshop that you conducted last weekend for Wharton San Francisco cohorts. This workshop helped by adding new perspectives for me in handling conflicts – not resisting, connecting and using the opponent energy constructively. It reiterated the importance of the purpose in life, and how our unwavering purpose can make many conflicts much easier to handle.

Arun Goenka
Arun Goenka

Tech Mahindra Limited
Vice President, Delivery Head – Technology

I had the chance to bring Judy in to work with a group of ten young people from Uganda here in the U.S. on a Rotary grant to learn conflict resolution and leadership skills. Judy’s experiential approach helped these young leaders gain practical skills and ways to extend them to other youth in their country. One of our favorite expressions after her workshop was the unbendable arm, aka “The Power of Purpose.”

Robert Herold
Robert Herold

International Service Director
Portsmouth, NH Rotary

Thank you for your article: “We Have to Talk: A Step-by-Step Checklist for Difficult Conversations.” I’ve used it several times at work and in the rest of my life. It has helped me move from reacting to responding. In fact, I used it yesterday at work where I had to walk through quite a bit of fear. Stopping and reading your checklist first helped me start without being awkward, listen first, and let the conversation flow and not try to control it too much.

As I listened to the other person, I realized that some of what I interpreted as an insult was really just them feeling pressured and overwhelmed. Thank you again.

James Warda

Speaker and Author of “Where Are We Going So Fast?”

As many years as we’ve worked together, I’m always impressed by how you keep the material fresh. How you bring new insights and ideas to the class. I always get so much useful information and ideas.

Albert Delaney, III
Albert Delaney, III

Assistant Chief Instructor, Portland Aikido, Portland, ME

I think the primary reason that the Power & Presence workshops are so effective is that Judy Ringer thoroughly embodies the principles she teaches. Rather than simply talking about good ki, Judy is good ki. And through her emphasis on purposeful practice, she sends you home better able to access your own positive energy to be more confident, more influential, more balanced.

Vicky Schubert, principal
Vicky Schubert, principal

Inspired Alliance Coaching
Reading, MA

Attendees at our annual conference consistently rank Judy’s workshop as one of the highlights of the event. One participant recently said, “Judy is a great teacher, and the engagement of body and mind was exactly what learning can look and feel like at its best.” Judy brings an important and unique element to our audience.

Janice Molloy
Janice Molloy

Content Director, Pegasus Communications
Boston, MA

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Judy Ringer’s consulting skills for over fifteen years in various venues.  I have found her consulting and teaching skills to be very insightful and effective.  Two years ago she provided training and coaching to a non-profit board of directors that I serve on.  Her input was instrumental in helping us manage a very difficult organizational conflict effectively. 

Gail Hammack

Lostine, OR

I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a huge ‘THANK YOU’ for a beautiful and insightful day. Our staff was impacted in a very positive way, and I’m convinced that we will use the tools you gave us to make our working life better in every way.

Sandy Jackson

National Institute for Neurological Disorder and Stroke

National Institutes of Health

Rockville, MD

This afternoon I had a conversation that I was not looking forward to. Because of our work together, I felt more prepared and instead of advocating right off, I asked questions and remained open. I learned a lot about my colleague’s motives and perspective on the topic at hand.

Ellen Fineberg
Ellen Fineberg

Executive Director
The Children’s Alliance of NH

Thank you for your work with our administrative group. It was timely and important to those of us who need to undertake difficult conversations and confrontations. I am grateful for the time you spent with us on the practical alternatives available for us to practice.

Ruth Rioux
Ruth Rioux

Asst. Head of School
Berwick Academy
Berwick, ME

It is always a great pleasure to work with you and to be reminded to stay centered and grounded. Your wisdom has helped each of us whenever we have met with you over these past two years. The effects of these times together ripple out into our school and home lives in so many ways.

Maureen Daley
Maureen Daley

Head and Founder
Newburyport Montessori School
Newburyport, MA

Thanks for sharing your Aikido exercises with my Applied Group Dynamics class. People loved it. You “topped the charts” on the evaluations. Absolutely everyone gave your piece the highest ratings! And your questions at the end about how it might connect to the workplace were wonderful. It’s a delight to work with you.

Ann Driscoll, Ed.D.
Ann Driscoll, Ed.D.

Ann Driscoll Training and Development

Dover, NH

Judy brings a deep understanding of Aikido to the everyday world of conflict using dynamic experiential exercises. Highly recommended for those who desire more creative and positive ways of dealing with how they approach conflict.

James Cumming, principal
James Cumming, principal

Chaos Management, Ltd.
Brattleboro, VT

Thank you so very much for your book – it was the PERFECT read for me at 2:00 a.m. when my head was spinning about the graduation speech I am giving as the distinguished alumni tomorrow.  Thanks to your powerful reminders in Unlikely Teachers, I’m sharing the ideas of “reframing” and “living fully in the moment” with the SVHS graduating class of 2011.  Truly honored to be a part of helping share your gifts with the world!

Tracy A. Weber, Ph.D.
Tracy A. Weber, Ph.D.

Kaleidoscope Learning Circle, LLC
Frankenmuth, MI

Judy is a talented and experienced trainer, who worked with our Research & Development team. She took the time to hone in on our goals, paid close attention to detail, and did such a phenomenal job that we asked her to come back for more training with other areas of the company. We learned about each other as a team and were able to incorporate new insights into the workplace.

Judy is organized, prepared, and uses a truly unique technique that expands thinking in ways we never received from other instructors.

Marie Saucier

Marketing and R&D Coordinator
Salient Surgical Technologies
Portsmouth, NH

Thank you again for your wonderful workshop for the Health Services staff. We truly appreciate your knowledge, experience, gentle presence and humor. The staff found it to be a very helpful session on ways of being with themselves and each other.

Kathleen Grace-Bishop

Director of Education and Promotion
Health Services
University of New Hampshire

Judy’s training helped me to look at things differently and to make a commitment to change how I deal with conflict. And it helped us develop a sense of community in our management team.

Deborah Rodier
Deborah Rodier

Executive Director
Mark H. Wentworth Home

This presentation was one of our best. We have a pretty diverse group so there is always a little bit of apprehension when we have presenters come in. That quickly went away as you gained their attention. Nice job!

Brian Boudreau

Vice President of Human Resource and Risk Management
Eastern Propane
Rochester, NH

I wanted to thank you in the name of the entire staff. You did a wonderful job. Your teaching has already made a difference in the atmosphere here at ISM.

Jan Slezak, M.D.

Interventional Spine Medicine

Barrington, NH

Our exposure as a company to your teambuilding program has been a very positive experience. We have noticed a more open dialogue and have a greater understanding of our personnel’s needs and desires. We intend to continue with additional training.

Richard Robidoux

Engineer and Project Manager

E.D. Swett, Inc.

Concord, NH

Thank you so much for your priceless workshop. It was the best workshop we as a staff team ever had together. You made a big difference for all of us.

Pawn Nitichan

Deputy Director

City Year

Attending your class gave my recent presentation new meaning. I spoke with enthusiasm and felt strong. At the end there was loud applause, which I graciously accepted.

Ron Shadroy

Airport Property Management

State of Vermont

Thank you for an energizing and inspiring workshop! The mental and physical concepts of Aikido illustrated in a tangible way the “gift of energy” and insight conflict offers, and how to apply those concepts in the workplace.

Ruslyn Vear, M.L.S.

Head of Reference and Adult Programming
Amherst Town Library
Amherst, NH

The workshop evaluations were overwhelmingly positive. It couldn’t have gone any better. You are terrific!

Judy King

Educational Consultant

The other graduates and I are discussing how we are already putting the concepts to use. You can call it centering or whatever you like, but ours is a very high-stress environment, and we need to take these concepts seriously. It has helped me approach a difficult conversation with confidence. I was very upset with someone’s behavior and was able to talk to him about it, a situation I normally would have avoided.

Leadership Development Group

National Institutes of Health
Rockville, MD

I believe this, of all the things I have explored, is the key to more effective, responsive connections with patients, staff, doctors, and family.

Carol Campbell, Path Leader

Surgery and Special Procedure Care

York Hospital

York, Maine

Your workshop was enormously useful. In particular, you helped me prepare for a difficult conversation with a business group, which went exceptionally well!  This conversation turned out to be the most meaningful the group has ever had and stimulated a decision to create a Vision Statement and “rules of engagement” — all largely due to what I learned in your workshop.

Connie Komack, Principal

LifeWork Enterprises
Rockport, MA

You gave us exactly what you promised: the tools to hold those difficult conversations and get the outcome we hope for. I have already managed my own dilemma, and I pictured us standing side-by-side with our energy directed toward the good of the department. Thank you!

Leslie Fish, CAP

Program Chair
IAAP, Profile Chapter